Neck Pain Treatments

Ways to Prevent Neck Pain

Neck pain happens, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with it forever. With some lifestyle adjustments you can prevent neck pain altogether. Dr. Jon M Postajian’s practice in Burbank, CA, takes pride in educating patients about good spinal health. Since many of Dr. Postajian’s patients experience neck pain, it's important to take a step back and see what causes it. Only then can you take the necessary steps to treat and ultimately prevent your neck pain!

There are many ways to prevent neck pain. Here are a few:
-Sleeping on your back
-Drinking plenty of water
-Making sure you are using a comfortable and supported pillow
-Making sure your computer monitor is at eye level
-When texting, keeping your mobile phone at eye level, taking breaks, or using talk-text
-When making a phone call, using a headset or earpiece
-Stretching, exercising, and strengthening your neck muscles
-Carrying weight on your person so that it is evenly distributed
-Practicing a supportive posture (no slumping or hunching!)
-Holding your phone at a distance rather than right in front of you

It’s important to seek professional help if you ever experience numbness, tingling, arm pain, headaches, or weakness. Ineffective over the counter pain medication is another indicator that you should see your trusted Burbank chiropractor. Dr. Postajian offers an array of therapies to help patients with neck pain. Unlike your normal primary care physician, who will most likely just treat your symptoms with medication, Dr. Postajian takes on a more holistic approach with chiropractic adjustments. This relieves your neck pain and, with routine care, can prevent your neck pain from coming back.

Are you suffering from consistent neck pain and think you can benefit from safe chiropractic treatment? Contact the office of Dr. Postajian today. He will get you started on a chiropractic treatment plan to get rid of your neck pain and prevent it from coming back altogether. 

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