Headache Relief

If you suffer from headaches in Burbank, CA, you can find hope and help in the hands of Dr. Jon Postajian.

Integrative Treatment for Headaches in Burbank, CA

Headaches are not always caused by one specific issue. Often, the headache is a symptom of one or more underlying issues, including:

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Compressed nerves
  • Stress
  • Tension in the back, neck, and shoulders
  • Injuries
  • Lack of exercise
  • Dehydration

In order to effectively treat headaches, it’s important to address both the symptoms and the root cause. The methods of treatment depend directly on each patient’s condition and symptoms.

When you visit Dr. Postajian for headaches in Burbank, CA, your treatment may include some or all of these treatments to provide relief.

Spinal Manipulation

Every joint of the spine has its place. As long as it remains in that place, it properly supports the rest of the body. Unfortunately, sometimes the joints get out of their proper alignment, leading to muscle tension, compressed nerves, pain, and discomfort.

Through spinal manipulation, the joint is mobilized back into its proper position, reducing or eliminating these symptoms.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is used to stretch the spine gently yet effectively. As the spine stretches, it takes pressure off of the muscles, joints, and nerves.

Therapeutic Massage

Massage is an effective method of treating headaches. It can help relieve tension in the shoulders and neck and break up scar tissue. It also helps patients feel more relaxed, which can help ease any stress that may be contributing to a headache.

Laser Therapy

When a headache is due to an injury, laser therapy might be used. It utilizes light and heat waves to reach deep into the neck and back to promote healing, relieve tension, and ease the pain.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise can be effective for headaches, especially when muscle weakness or an injury is the cause. It helps strengthen muscles and improve mobility.

Lifestyle Guidance

While in-office treatments are effective, there are many steps you can take at home to speed up recovery and prevent future headaches. This may include specific exercises, diet changes, habit changes, staying hydrated, and more. Dr. Postajian can provide relevant recommendations that suit your needs.

Chronic headaches in Burbank, CA don’t have to be a constant companion. Call (818) 848-4459 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Postajian today.

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